Jim and Irene Gordon's 2018 Sojourn Schedule

South Africa Mission Work

Preach and Teach at Churches in South Africa and Namibia​

Port Lavaca Church of Christ, Port Lavaca, TeXas

Door Knock and Prepare for Gospel Meeting

Main St. Church of Christ, Stuttgart, Arkansas

Door Knock and Teach Bible Classes

3rd street Church of Christ, Le Mars, IOWA

Paint, Mow, Power Wash, Repair & Teach and Preach

Spencer Church of Christ, Spencer, West Virginia

Knock Doors and Teach Vacation Bible School (VBS)

Astoria Church of Christ, Astoria, ORegon

Knock Doors, Preach Gospel Meeting, Teach Classes to Church

Shults-Lewis Child & Family Services,

Valparaiso, INDiana

Upkeep on Buildings, Prepare for Annual Day

Camp Bee Workshop, Marshall, TeXas

Select Sojourns for 2019

emerald coast CHURCH OF CHRIST,

Ft. Walton Beach, FLorida

Knock Doors, Invite to Gospel Meeting and Preach and Teach Classes 

3/5 - 4/24

4/30 - 5/10

5/21 - 5/31

6/2 - 6/24

7/9 - 7/19

8/13 - 8/23

9/3 - 9/20

10/8 - 10/18

10/29 - 11/8

Wherever the Trekker is at Today, USA